Did you know that these perils aren’t covered in your home insurance policy?

Many Americans have a homeowners insurance policy. They purchase this in order to protect their biggest asset, their home. Usually, homeowners will also receive liability coverage on a basic policy too. As well as receiving protection on their belongings.  However, you will also find out that there is a set limit on what is and isn’t covered by insurance policies. Before collecting that homeowners insurance quote, you will need to be aware of what will not be covered by your policy according to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/home-insurance/hurricane-insurance-florida/.


When it comes to flooding, it will not be covered by your online Florida home insurance quote. Many states in the US are more prone to flooding than others. However, many homeowners do not even realize that flooding will not be covered by a policy. If your home is in a floodplain or has experienced flooding in the past are required by law to have flood insurance coverage.

Nuclear damages

Storms can cause your home chaos and create huge piles of damage. However, a nuclear damage is far worse. Though it is unlikely a nuclear explosion will happen, insurance companies will not cover damages or loss due to this.


Earthquakes are also not covered under your home insurance policy. Some states in the US are also more likely to experience earthquakes while others are not. This coverage type is not included in a basic policy.  Sinkholes are also not covered by your policy. Although it is very unlikely that a sinkhole will open and eat your home. If you live in a state prone to earthquakes it is recommended to add additional coverage.


Your home insurance policy may cover your pets. Like if your dog bites your neighbor, but for any other situation, it is not covered.

Now that you know what isn’t covered in your policy, you can start shopping around online for quotes. A homeowners insurance quote is easy to receive! Simply receive a few quotes online, compare, and choose the best rates for you!

Don’t be intimidated when shopping online for great deals. It’s really simple to do, anyone can do it. It’s all about taking your time, reading through everything carefully, and knowing what kind of coverage you need. To get you started, collect your online now! If you are in the game for hassle-free quotes get started asap!